Building just futures through community leadership and narrative power.

We are a woman of color-led global impact platform founded by Lina Srivastava, a pioneer with two decades of expertise in narrative strategies for social change. We apply strategies grounded in lived experience to confront the global crises we currently face, and we provide tools and resources to build new systems. We exist to support community leaders who catalyze global systems change, collaborate with institutions and funders to future-proof their decision-making, and reimagine futures that are inclusive, anti-racist, and feminist, providing access and opportunity for all.

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Leadership exists everywhere if you know where to look.

We serve, connect, and mobilize frontline, grassroots, institutional, and enterprise leaders to catalyze change across the biggest challenges of our time: climate change, migration, gender rights, inequality, and civic participation.

Local practitioners and frontline initiatives hold the most powerful solutions and lived research to address challenges in their communities. This wealth of knowledge and practice is too often overlooked. These leaders need infrastructure to sustain, deepen, and elevate their impact. And people inside complex systems responding to change — policymakers, researchers, corporate leaders, philanthropists, and other civil society leaders — need access to this knowledge to enrich and direct their decision-making.

We prepare leaders in civil society, the cultural sector, and progressive enterprise to increase their effectiveness at building just futures. We create resources and programs to imagine and catalyze transformational change. We help changemakers shift power across sectors and regions.

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Creating the narrative infrastructure for social transformation.

We are creating a cultural space for global and local leaders to collaborate and experiment, to imagine transformational change roadmaps, and integrate validated change models into their work.

We develop global knowledge grounded in local storytelling and lived experience. Our collection of research, toolkits, and training materials — created by our team and through collaborations with corporations, institutions, organizations, and communities — builds an ecosystem of knowledge about transformational change that grounds dialogue, practice, and action.

The first resource we offer is the Transformational Change Leadership framework, created with support from the Rockefeller Foundation to help you explore your processes toward catalyzing transformational change in a rapidly shifting environment.

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